How to Get the Most Out of Telehealth

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Hamilton Center offers tips for success

Telehealth has proven to be a convenient means for patients to interact with health care professionals; this is true for both our physical and mental health concerns.

Even so, telehealth can be uniquely delicate.

The best of sessions can feel “normal” and just like any other routine visit. Other sessions might end up feeling “tricky” or “clumsy”. The important thing to realize is that you are not alone in that experience and there are ways to improve it.

Here are some “tips and tricks” to improve your telehealth session and maximize your connection with your provider:

Do a mic check and a camera check before things start. Make sure that your provider can hear and see you clearly. No matter the device you are using always try to keep it stationary; use a table or a shelf and refrain from holding it in your hand; shoulder height is optimal. If internet connection is an issue move closer to your Wi-Fi source, or turn off other devices using Wi-Fi. Don’t start until you are sure your provider can hear and see you.

Create a quiet environment and minimize the potential for distraction. Perhaps go into a room and shut the door or let those around you know that you will be unavailable for a short time. Distractions can easily disrupt the process and progress of a telehealth session. Both you and your provider are there to discuss your physical and mental health needs, so give them your undivided attention.

Have your prescriptions, insurance information, and health history on-hand to review with the provider, as needed. The provider will need this information to properly complete the assessment. If you do not have specific information take notes and follow up after the session.

Be forward and up-front with your provider about your current physical and mental well-being. Thoroughly inform them of the specific issues you are having, including how those issues might be affecting other aspects of your health. Physical and mental health are closely connected; if you are in need of more specialized care your provider can refer you.

Make sure you and your provider are on the same page by checking-in mid-session. Ask questions. If something is unclear, or you have other concerns or comments, don’t be afraid to have your provider go back over them or elaborate further. Even repeating your provider’s instructions or comments as you understand them can go a long way in establishing clear communication. Try not to let the stress of technology or social distancing keep you from addressing your healthcare needs.

Telehealth is a powerful tool that everyone can use to ensure healthful outcomes in interactions with their providers.

Hamilton Center is open and currently serving the community with the highest quality mental and behavioral health services, as well as primary and integrated care services. If you or someone you know is struggling, please call 1-800-742-0787.


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