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Substance Abuse Treatment
Substance use disorders are complex problems. People with these disorders were once thought to have a character defect or moral weakness; however, medical practitioners now consider dependence on alcohol or drugs to be a long-term illness, like asthma or diabetes. Most people who drink alcohol drink very little, and many people can stop taking drugs without a struggle. However, some people develop a substance use disorder – use of alcohol or drugs that is compulsive or dangerous.

Hamilton Center has been providing comprehensive substance use services for close to fifty years. The organization provides outpatient programs in each community it serves in central and west central Indiana. Additionally, services such as residential and inpatient services are available in Vigo County, Terre Haute Indiana. All services are provided by trained and credentialed staff in substance use treatment.

Hamilton Center offers access to substance abuse services by priority of need. Priority will be given to pregnant women using intravenous drugs, pregnant women with substance use disorders, and individuals using intravenous drugs.

In addition, staff work closely with community partners and referring agencies to facilitate access to specialized services for mother and child, including, primary care,
prenatal care, child care, well-child care, transportation, and other services targeted at at-risk woman and children.

Individual and Group Therapy
Hamilton Center provides individual and group therapy for those struggling with substance use disorders. Techniques used are research based and shown to be the most effective approaches to care. Included are Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Relapse Prevention Training.

WIN Recovery
WIN Recovery is Vigo County’s first opioid treatment program certified by the state of Indiana. This clinic provides daily Methadone administration and behavioral health counseling and case management to provide comprehensive medication assisted substance abuse treatment. New locations will be opening in Knox and Hendricks Counties in Spring of 2020.

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Medication Assisted Treatment
Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is substance abuse treatment that combines prescription medication coupled with behavioral health services such as individual and group counseling, case management and other support services as appropriate. There are several types of medications to effectively treat substance use disorders including but not limited to Vivitrol, Suboxone and Methadone.
If Methadone treatment is not recommended, our staff at WIN Recovery will be able to provide referrals to the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Case Management
Case management assists individuals in living successfully in the community with an enhanced quality of life. Care Managers at Hamilton Center are a critical part of the treatment team and assist clients with increasing their independent living skills. They work with clients to address issues such as improving coping skills, communication skills, self-care, the management of physical health issues, anger management skills, understanding of trauma and improving relationships. In addition, Care Managers have a board knowledge of community resources and work to link clients with healthcare, insurance, social security benefits, educational institutions and much more. Lastly, they may also help coordinate involvement with the court system, or other referring agencies.

Transitional Living
Hamilton Center provides transitional living programs in Vigo County designed for those suffering from substance used disorders. These 90 day programs work to support those in recovery by offering a place to live while working on skills needed to live independently, free of substances.

Peer Recovery
Peer Recovery Services are services designed and delivered by Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS), people who are in recovery from substance use disorders and/or mental illnesses. They have firsthand experience with these illnesses and can offer support and understanding by using their personal recovery stories to assist others. Certified Recovery Specialists are trained to assist consumers in every stage of their recovery.

The Matrix Model
Hamilton Center is the first certified Matrix Model treatment site in the State of Indiana. This certification is only awarded to programs who have achieved the highest possible degree of fidelity to the Matrix Model.
The Matrix Model, an intensive outpatient treatment approach for those with substance use disorders, was developed through 30 years of experience in real-world treatment settings. The intervention integrates aspects of several treatment approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, motivational interviewing, 12-step facilitation, family involvement, and supportive / person-centered therapy.
Core components consist of early recovery groups, relapse prevention groups, family education, social support groups, and individual counseling delivered over a 16 week period. Clients learn about issues critical to addiction and relapse, such as cravings and related behaviors. Clients also receive direction and support from a trained therapist, become familiar with self-help programs, and are monitored for drug use. Family members receive education to help understand and support the recovery process.

Gambling Services
Hamilton Center provides counseling for gambling addiction in all counties in our regional footprint. However, we offer DMHA certified services in Vigo County which will include Vigo County Outpatient and Vigo County Addictions. The DMHA covered services include individual counseling, case management, skills training, financial counseling, transportation and other support services.

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