The principles of Wraparound include family voice and choice: the family’s needs are priority. The program is team based and revolves around each area working collaboratively to share the responsibility for the child. Wraparound is community-based and culturally competent working towards goals until no longer required.

How It Works

A service provider, community member, or parent identifies a child and/or family who wants support. The parent or guardian then signs a release and a referral is completed. These are sent to the Wraparound Coordinator.

The referral is reviewed by a collaborative team and the family is accepted to the process or referred to other services. The coordinator will contact the family to let them know if the child has been accepted into the program.

The family gets started by identifying their strengths, challenges, and family team.

Who is Eligible?

Families and children looking for support

Child under 18, or up to 21 if still in school

“Traditional” services do not meet the family’s needs

Child is possibly at risk of being placed out of the home

What is My Role?


Identify and recruit family team members

Discuss your family’s strengths and challenges in your team meetings

Meet with your team at least monthly or more often

Develop your family team plans and crisis plan with the team

Let your team know if your plan needs to change. “Families don’t fail, plans do”

Ask questions

Team Members

Participate in family team meetings whenever possible

Share your opinions about the family’s strengths and challenges

Help develop the family plans and crisis plans

Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions.

Be supportive

Ask questions

What does a Wraparound Facilitator do?

Help the family identify their strengths, challenges, and family supports for their team

Arrange and prepare for team meetings as directed by the team

Facilitate communication and coordination of support for the family

Document family team plans

Monitor family progress toward their goals and successes

Follow and respect family voice

Follow Wraparound principles

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