Care Management & Skills Training

Care Managers

Care Managers are trained professionals who are knowledgeable about your community and local resources. These professionals work with the consumers and a treatment team to coordinate and facilitate achievement of set goals.

The following services are offered by Care Managers:

Linking with local resources (food pantries, heating assistance, housing assistance, social security benefits, Medicaid benefits, primary care services, trustee’s office, etc.)

Advocating for an individual’s rights such as school case conferences, debt collectors, hospitals, and physicians

Coordinating with other professionals (physicians, school administrators, teachers, social workers, other professional medical staff and coordination of transportation through Medicaid for primary health services, Department of Children’s Services, probation officers, and the legal system

Providing services that help with implementing a treatment plan, arranging services through other local agencies, and assessing current needs

Development of specific treatment plan and goals to achieve during time with Hamilton Center


Skill Building

Skill building is the teaching of new skills or further development of already existing skills. By using a variety of instructional tools, Care Managers and Direct Skills Technicians can help with increasing understanding and skill level in several life areas.

The following services are offered by Direct Skills Technicians:

Learning how to cope with symptoms of illness in everyday life

Increasing parenting abilities such as setting limits and age appropriate behaviors

Building social skills to increase relationship success

Learning how to better manage anger

Learning about grief and how to cope with loss

Developing living skills such as budgeting, meal planning, price comparison, bargain shopping, balancing a budget, establishing and using checking/savings accounts, etc.

Learning how to manage physical health, nutritional instruction, and cooking skills

Increasing home care skills

Helping to understand the role of medication and treatment

Decreasing deficits with personal care and hygiene

School based services focusing on issues that may be causing your child difficulty with being successful in the school setting

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