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Hamilton Center’s MVP program appreciates the dedication and sacrifice required of our current military, veterans, and their family members. The spouses and children of our warriors make up the backbone of our military and ensure that our service members can concentrate on their mission. Once the mission is completed and the service member returns home, it is the family who helps put the pieces back together.

Current service members, veterans, and family members face specific and very unique challenges, and their mental health needs often take a back seat to their other responsibilities.

Whether a service member /veteran has recently returned or has been home for years, returning service members frequently suffer in silence and are reluctant to reach out for help. Family members can be a valuable resource for providing front line support to their loved one, however, they often need guidance and education to assist in coping with the changes in their family relationships. By learning healthy coping methods, families may reach a new level of understanding which can help calm a disrupted household. MVP offers mental health and emotional support for issues relating to:

Military family members frequently become overwhelmed by the stress, worry, and additional responsibilities that arise when their hero is absent. This added pressure can have a significant negative impact on the family’s mental health, especially spouses and children. MVP offers individual and group counseling sessions to address:

Separation from loved ones is especially difficult for children in a military family. Their needs are unique and may need to be professionally addressed. MVP can link families to Hamilton Center’s counseling services for children and adolescents who are struggling with:

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