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Employment Solutions
Employment Solutions provides employment assistance and guidance for workers with barriers to employment who are seeking competitive employment. We support them in their area of interest and work to facilitate their personal career path. Our goal is to produce a marriage of productive employment for workers and the west central Indiana business community. We expand the labor pool by providing viable candidates who are willing and able to work.

We Are Here For You
We understand that individuals are happiest when they are employed and experiencing a sense of value in their lives. We live in the communities that we serve. Employment Specialists have a vested interest in the success and retention of all citizens while seeking opportunities to secure gainful employment. Our team of Employment Specialists form relationships with the local businesses in our community. We seek opportunities for our consumers whenever an appropriate position is either located, or developed in conjunction with the employer.

We Are Here For You
Employment Specialists assist those seeking and maintaining employment by applying skill building techniques. Skill building is the teaching of new skills or further development of existing skills. These skills include, but are not limited to:

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