New Citizen


Hamilton Center is proud to lead the way with a program that gives individuals a second chance. The program is designed to guide those who have been incarcerated into a new way of life. The participants complete a one year probationary period where they train in four different areas to gain skills and experience. Throughout the program the “New Citizen” meets with a team of mentors led by the CEO. The opportunity is life changing for someone who has been involved in the criminal justice system and is willing to turn their life around. The program offers support from Hamilton Center staff and community leaders to bring confidence and motivation to someone who is willing to become a new citizen.

How it Works

The program allows two individuals to participate per year. One male and one female are chosen from a set of interviews conducted by the CEO and the leadership team. The elements of the program include:

Daily interactions with mentors and other positive role models

Weekly meetings covering current position, family, and transition from incarceration

One year probationary period working in 4 different departments for 3 months each

Participation in community events and fundraisers

The New Citizen Program is about supporting those who have made bad decisions that could negatively affect the rest of their lives. Hamilton Center has made it possible for these individuals to have a second chance. It is an extraordinary opportunity to start a new life, and travel down a supported path to success.

Address and Contact

620 Eighth Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47804
(800) 742-0787

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