Parke County drug court provides many benefits to consumers

By CHELSEA WELLS, Director of Communications

The Parke County Drug Court was implemented in June 2006 as an alternative to traditional case processing of drug offenders. The drug court targets non-violent, felony drug offender. It is a voluntary program in which eligible offenders participate in an intense, multi-phase treatment program, submit to frequent drug testing, attend 12 step meetings, complete substance abuse treatment programing, remain alcohol and drug free, and complete other drug court responsibilities while under the supervision of the drug court team. Drug court is designed to give drug users the treatment and other resources they need to end their dependency.  Successful participants will have their charges dismissed.

Hamilton Center became a member of the drug court team in its inception.  Hamilton Center completes an assessment, makes treatment recommendations, and offers clinical guidance for substance use treatment throughout the drug court process.  

Since January 1st, 2023, Parke County Drug Court has conducted 1,326 drug screens. Out of these 1,326 screens, only 21 of them were confirmed positive. Further, since January of 2023, we have had 12 graduations and only 3 terminations. 

Here are some testimonials from our recent graduations:

“Drug Court is a tough but fair program. I am glad that my county offers a program like this as it allowed me to continue growing my own business. Not only did the program and staff allow me to keep working, but they also help me get in control of my addiction. I am thankful for Drug Court.”

“Hamilton Center was easily my strongest support while in Drug Court. I would not be where I am without my Peer Recovery Coach from Hamilton Center. She has showed me the better way to live.”

“Drug Court was patient with me while I struggled to find employment because of my pending charges, and for that I am grateful. I did not realize how much happier my life could be without being dependent on drugs.”

“Today I know who I am. Most importantly I know what I do from day to day and remember it. I can honestly say that I have put my life back together one step at a time. It was tough but I got there and it’s great, I am great, my life is great.”


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