Hamilton Center Gifts Bikes for Holiday Season

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Hamilton Center, Inc. gives the gift of transportation to those in need with the help of a generous donation from Shifting Gears, a program through Bicycle Garage Indy. Nine bikes will be donated to consumers today for the holiday season in Clay, Marion, and Putnam Counties.

Shifting Gears is a program that obtains used bicycles through donations for repair, renovation, and distribution to under-privileged children and others in need. The program also serves to provide meaningful work opportunities for offenders and prepare them for a successful re-entry into the community.

“Hamilton Center is grateful for the program of Shifting Gears. We wholeheartedly believe in their mission. The donated bikes are such a blessing, they not only benefit our consumers who need them for transportation, but also gives us a chance to show that Hamilton Center is here to help in any way possible,” said Courtney Cole, Hamilton Center, integrated care specialist. “If giving a consumer a donated bike would make them smile, brighten their day, or give them even just a sliver of hope in today’s society then that is what it’s all about, serving those in need, and building hope.”

Hamilton Center is a community mental health organization serving eleven counties throughout Central and West Central Indiana. Hamilton Center exists to provide quality behavioral healthcare, wellness, and human development services to our community.


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