Early Head Start & Healthy Families

Hamilton Center provides Infant and Toddler Services programs especially designed for children from birth until three years of age and their families. These services include: Healthy Families and Early Head Start.

Admission criteria is different for each program, but all services are free of charge to families. Infant and Toddler Services’ programs are operated by Hamilton Center, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

Both programs are offered in Vigo County; the Healthy Families program is also offered in Greene County, Sullivan County, and Vermillion County. 

Healthy Families Greene, Sullivan, Vermillion & Vigo Counties

This intensive home visiting program is designed to enhance early childhood outcomes and prevent child abuse and neglect. Enrollment is offered to expectant families and families with newborns who have been identified as having high stress in their lives. Services focus on strengthening families through parent education, support, and advocacy. Entry into this program must be completed prenatally or before the child is two months of age. To learn more about Healthy Families, call (812) 231-8362.

Healthy Families Annual Report 2017-2018

Early Head Start Vigo County

This program offers support to families in areas including child development, parenting, health services, and referrals to community resources. Families seeking enrollment must meet federal poverty guidelines and may be enrolled when the mother is pregnant or the child is between birth and two years of age. Early Head Start offers options both in the home and through childcare in a licensed center. To learn more about Early Head Start, call (812) 231-8436.

Early Head start has recently developed an online application to enhance access to programming. The form is HIPAA compliant. To complete the form you’ll need your child’s personal information including contact information and referring agency as well as be able to answer questions related to medical history.

Infant and Toddler Services Philosophy Statements

We believe the children and families we serve are entitled to:

Be treated with respect, recognizing their diversity, their strengths, and their worth

Have choices from a full range of quality services, available in as natural a setting as possible provided by well trained, competent, dedicated staff

Be a full participant in the planning and implementation of their services

Infant and Toddler Services is funded by Healthy Families Indiana, Office of Head Start, and Hamilton Center, Inc.

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