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Hamilton Center, Inc. is a regional behavioral health system in Central and West Central Indiana with corporate offices located in Terre Haute, IN. Services and treatment are provided to children, youth and adults, with specialized programs for expectant mothers, infants, and people with drug and alcohol problems. Counseling and therapy services are provided for people who may be struggling with stress, life changes, or relationship issues as well as more serious problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, serious mental illnesses.

Hamilton Center has been building hope and changing lives, for thousands of adults, children, and families in the Wabash Valley and beyond for 47 years. Our offices are designed to be convenient, private and confidential, reducing the barriers sometimes associated with seeking psychological and mental health treatment. Hamilton Center employs over 500 staff in ten counties, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, therapists, counselors, case managers, etc.

Board of Directors

President – Nancy Swaim

Vice President – Rick Stevens

Secretary – Haley Ringwald

Treasurer – Jennifer Cannon

Jeffrey Cheeks

Krista Grange

Andreas Kummerow

Bobby Moore

Nicole Noel

John Plasse

Anastasia Scott

Stephanie Steele

Jim Winning

Strategic Plan

Hamilton Center’s Board of Directors is driving the corporation forward through their vision and strong leadership as they approved a 3-year strategic plan that will chart the course for our organization. Our corporation’s mission, vision, and core values were at the forefront as the board set this strategic plan in motion. Included in the plan are 10 key strategic priorities that have been assigned to our corporation’s executive leadership to achieve:

Experience and Quality . . .

Hamilton Center has been providing quality mental health services in the State of Indiana for 47 years. Established in 1971, Hamilton Center was named in honor of Katherine Hamilton, an outspoken advocate for improved mental health care.

Hamilton Center is licensed as a community mental health center and managed care provider for the State of Indiana by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. The organization is accredited by The Joint Commission.


Fees are based on the costs of providing services. Our rates are competitive. Depending on the type of behavioral health coverage a person has, costs may be covered by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or other managed care plans.

Indiana residents may be eligible for fee adjustments for certain services provided. Eligibility in these programs is based on family size, family income and clinical diagnosis. When appropriate, our staff can assist in designing a payment plan for our clients.



Mission Statement

Hamilton Center exists to provide quality behavioral healthcare, wellness and human development services to our community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to advance excellence in behavioral health services through compassion, customer responsiveness, innovation, and flexibility.

Diversity Statement

To respect and support all employees and to maximize each
individual’s unique contributions to the organization which leads to discovering new and
innovative business solutions to improve service delivery and quality of life of those served.

Annual Reports

Since 1971, Hamilton Center, Inc. has grown to become a regional behavioral health system in central and west central Indiana. The corporate office has remained in Terre Haute, Indiana, with satellite offices located in nine other counties.

Address and Contact

620 Eighth Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47804
(800) 742-0787

Programs & Education

Mental Health Screenings

Screenings are a quick way to determine if you or someone you care about may need to reach out to a doctor or mental health professional for evaluation.
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