Adult Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Hamilton Center provides services through a variety of treatment options for persons suffering from serious mental illnesses, those in need of longer-term care or those in need of acute crisis services. Treatment options include: Inpatient Services, Day Treatment and Residential Services.

Inpatient Services

Hamilton Center, Inc. operates a 24-hour adult psychiatric inpatient unit which is licensed by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Our 16-bed unit provides short-term stabilization and treatment for behavioral and addiction disorders.

Inpatient treatment usually begins with a holistic assessment of the individual's physical health, emotional health, family life, social interaction and employment history. Treatment is conducted by a team of professionals which includes, physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, activity therapists, psychiatric technicians, psychologists, case managers and other specialists. Staff psychiatrists make psychiatric evaluations and diagnoses, provide direct treatment and monitor individual progress.

Treatment goals are individualized and developed by the client and the treatment team. Services take place in a supportive environment, which promotes understanding of the illness, improves self-esteem and communication skills, and helps the client's support system understand the illness and assist in care. The objective during a client's stay is to achieve stabilization so that he/she can return to a less restrictive environment as soon as possible with follow-up outpatient care.

Intensive Day Programs

Intensive Day Programs for persons with serious mental illnesses. These programs focus on activities that take place in various natural settings within the community, and/or in a facility setting. Small groups are used to encourage social integration. Emphasis is placed on the development of functional, practical and useable skills and improvement of personal habits. Services provide training and support to help clients become independent in their homes, jobs, and communities.

Residential Services

Hamilton Center's Residential Services are rooted in the belief that the treatment of persons in need of longer term care be based in an authentic and least restrictive environment which is community-based and encourages interaction with others. Our goal is to assist clients in living in the community with independence, self-worth and dignity. Residential services include 24-hour supervised group homes, residential program, and supported living arrangements where a client obtains his/her own apartment and receives supervision from Hamilton Center's staff.