Mini Med School March-April 2014


The mission of the Mini Medical School is to Provide an interactive forum free of charge to discuss medical training, medical procedures, current medical news, and medical concerns of the public.

Session Format

Speakers for each session will be composed of physicians and / or other health care specialists typically involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the symptom or condition under discussion. In the past, speakers have presented a comprehensive picture of how symptoms lead to a diagnosis and how the initial diagnosis is distinguished from other diseases that share similar symptoms. Last year speakers main focus was on wellness and prevention of chronic diseases. Again this year the speakers were asked to focus on wellness and prevention. Following a 40 to 50 minute presentation and a refreshment break, a moderator will present questions from the audience relating to the evening's topic. The forum is not intended to provide diagnosis of specific disease concerns of the public, but to suggest paths needed for consumers to resolve their medical questions.

Location and Time

All sessions will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Landsbaum Center for Health Education located at 1433 North 61/2 Street, Terre Haute, Indiana.

Cost and Enrollment

There is no charge for the Mini Medical School. Reservations are recommended, as seating is limited. To reserve a space call Extended Learning at Indiana State University at 812-237-2345 or register online at: https://isu-aceweb and click on Continuing Education.

Theme and Topics for 2014

Good health means more than treating illnesses when they occur. It also means achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, getting optimal nutrition, exercising and staying fit, and taking steps to prevent disease. Taking control of your health and well being gives you the best chance for living a full and rewarding life.

The theme for all session this season is wellness and prevention. The speakers will be focusing on ways in which individuals might work toward and maintain good health.

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