Employment Solutions selected as first local Ticket to Work Program

As you may already be aware, Hamilton Center, through the Employment Solutions Division, has been selected to be the first local Employment Network for the Ticket to Work Program (TTW). We recently submitted a grant application to the Wabash Valley Community Foundation for start up funds needed for the associated costs that will be incurred before TTW funding begins. We are pleased to report that we have been notified that $5000 is coming our way to support this new project!

The TTW Program provides most people receiving Social Security benefits (beneficiaries) more choices for receiving employment services. Through TTW, the Social Security Administration (SSA) issues tickets to eligible beneficiaries who assign the tickets to an EN to obtain employment services and other support services necessary to achieve successful employment. The EN coordinates and provides appropriate services to help the beneficiary find and maintain employment that eventually leads to the termination of SSA benefits.

Choosing to work means earning money and, eventually, becoming financially independent. Having more money enables people to make choices and to pursue goals that simply aren't possible living on disability benefits. The Ticket To Work Program helps people with disabilities find good jobs, good careers and better self-supporting futures! Plus, for many, work means boosting self-esteem, meeting new people, and giving back to their community. The path to employment leads to success and that success builds, allowing individuals to gain confidence and transform their lives. And, the tax dollars saved help assure the continuation of Social Security benefits for those who continue to need it. HCI is pleased to be able to bring this program to the Wabash Valley.

For more information, please contact Mary Ann Clark at Employment Solutions by calling 812-231-3754 or by e-mail at mclark@hamiltoncenter.org

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