Change on Monthly Statement

Beginning October 1, you may notice a change in the way Hamilton Center services are billed and listed on your monthly statement. In most cases, your total amount due for your services will go unchanged, however, in some limited instances, some consumers will be charged for two separate amounts, a charge for the facility/location where the appointment is being delivered and a charge for the service provider.

These charges are similar to charges you may incur from other hospital based organizations where you receive outpatient services. In those cases you would receive a bill from the hospital/clinic, and a second bill from the doctor who treated you. Again, although your bill may look different, your insurance or the sliding fee scale applicable to you will determine what you owe Hamilton Center, Inc. for your services.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Hamilton Center office where you are receiving services. We appreciate you choosing our organization as your behavioral health provider. Thank you.

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