Hamilton Center Receives Donated Mural From Unison Engine Components - April 28, 2010

On Wednesday, April 28th several Hamilton Center employees met with the Community Involvement Team of Unison Engine Components to receive a unique gift for its Child and Adolescent programs.

Unison Engine Components (formerly Tri-Industries) is a division of General Electric, producing complex fabricated components for various industries such as military aircraft. In an effort to invest in their work force and the community they serve, the Community Involvement Team comprised of nearly 20 Unison employees from all work areas, made the decision to give back to the community through a project called Paint Fest. Paint Fest is an organization that helps corporations with internal team building while giving back to a local non-profit. The Unison Community Involvement Team purchased the Paint Fest kit, and took time from their work day and personal time to hand paint a series of pre-drawn canvas panels that ultimately combined to create the picture of a seahorse that will be donated to Hamilton Center’s Child and Adolescent Services Program.

“What a wonderful gift” said Sara Ritter, Program Manager for Hamilton Center’s Child and Adolescent Services. “This is a gift that is going to be enjoyed by children and families in our programs for years to come.” Greg Stewart, Unison Business Leader, added, "The workforce at Unison Engine Components is dedicated to making a difference in the community through projects such as this, a local community garden, mentoring, and other community service events are provided to local non-for-profit businesses through-out the year."

Unison Community Involvement Team Donated Mural to Hamilton Center, Inc.

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