Hamilton Center Makes Changes to Addiction Services

Hamilton Center, Inc. has announced the closing of its addictions residential treatment facility in operation since 2005. The 7 bed residential facility provides recovery services for males 18 and older.

In fiscal year 2009, the addictions residential facility served 117 clients, while Vigo County Addiction Services, which will continue to provide intensive outpatient services, served 1292 clients. “Unfortunately our addictions residential facility operates at a $400,000 deficit, so we had to make a tough decision to maintain services through our much larger outpatient programs than residential,” said Galen Goode, CEO of Hamilton Center. “It is a very difficult decision because the residential program shows great clinical outcomes. We will continue working with other community agencies to find access to residential facilities for those suffering from addictions,” Goode concluded.

July 23rd will mark the last day of the 28-day program in order to ensure treatment completion for those currently enrolled. “We will continue to work with those clients on an outpatient basis as necessary,” said Dr. Cynthia Sartor, Executive Director of Client Support Services. “Our dedicated staff at the addictions residential facility are passionate about what they do. As they have throughout the program, they will ensure that those who remain will have the appropriate community supports in place upon completion,” Sartor said.

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