Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Video -May 5, 2009

In April 2006, key health officials from area emergency management agencies, The Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health and Hamilton Center, Inc. had a general discussion about the possibility of Pandemic Influenza and whether or not citizens of their respective counties were prepared for it. 

Hamilton Center’s Executive Director of Administrative Services, Mel Burks, shared with the group his plans to create a corporate DVD to prepare Hamilton Center staff for such an event.  He asked why not do one to reach a larger audience?  Based on this discussion, it was decided that the best way to reach the masses and to present the most clear, concise and consistent message would be through a well-prepared DVD for everyone to use as an educational tool. 

A year later the video was complete and has been shared with county agencies, schools, etc. in ten counties.  Senator Richard Lugar as well as State Health Commissioner, Judy Monroe, MD, are both highlighted in the video.  Although we are now dealing with the H1N1 Influenza as opposed to the H5N1 discussed in this video, the same precautions apply.

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