Two Hamilton Center Programs Continue To Show Positive Outcomes In Their Second Year - July 18, 2007

Hamilton Center, Inc. Client Support Services Division is pleased to report positive outcomes for two programs in their second year. The 28-day Residential Addictions Program and Sub-Acute Unit have reported enrollment and discharge data for each program’s duration.

Open since July 1, 2005 the 28-day Residential Addictions Program provides recovery services for males eighteen and older. The program provides 24-hour immersion for successful addiction recovery in a safe, secure, home-like environment. As a licensed residential treatment facility in Indiana, the facility provides intensive mental health and addictions treatment under one roof. Since they opened their doors in 2005, the program has admitted 170 individuals with eighty-nine percent of them successfully graduating. Seventy-five percent of the participants were referred to the program via the court system. At the time of admission, eighty-nine percent of the participants had pending legal charges. Of those who have successfully completed the program, eighty-seven percent of the participants have not been re-arrested in the first six months following discharge. Fifty-four percent of those discharged were referred to Freebird’s Solution Center in Terre Haute.

Hamilton Center’s Sub-Acute unit has now been open for approximately eighteen months. The Sub-Acute treatment facility provides 24-hour supervision designed especially for the treatment of people with psychiatric disorders. The state of the art facility has been designed to be less restrictive than a traditional In-patient facility, but more than a Supervised Group Living home. Since opening their doors in January, 2006, the unit has received fifty-eight client enrollments. Three clients have been admitted twice and two have been admitted three times. Thirty of the clients were between the ages of 40-59, while fourteen of the clients were between the ages of 18-29. Thirty-six clients were female and twenty-two were male. Thirty-five of the clients had diagnoses related to schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders with only fourteen structured diagnosed with mood disorders. Of the forty-eight clients discharged from the program forty were returned to the community and eight were referred to an In-Patient Psychiatric unit upon discharge. The Sub-Acute unit averages three to four admissions and discharges monthly. Eighteen clients stayed between 10-39 days; sixteen stayed 50-79 days, and four had extended stays between 220-329 days. Dr. Cynthia Sartor, Executive Director of Client Support Services for Hamilton Center, Inc. said, “The addition of the Sub-Acute Unit to Hamilton Center’s continuum of care, helps keep people out of the state hospitals which is our ultimate goal.”

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