Spectrum Services Serves Persons on Medicaid Waiver Program - September 27, 2006

During September, approximately 30 individuals in the Wabash Valley received letters from the Family and Social Services Administration as they formally announced the release of 650 new Medicaid Waiver slots state-wide.

Spectrum Services, a Division of Hamilton Center, Inc., currently serves persons with Medicaid Waivers in several ways.

Day Services: Training and support are provided individually and in small groups to help people become more independent at the Spectrum site. Topics included in training are social skills, recreation, self-help, choice making, self-advocacy, communication, grooming, budgeting, transportation, cooking, safety, first aid, etc.

Habilitation Services: These services are like day services, but take place in the clients' homes.

Follow Along Services: Support services are provided to clients who are employed. Employment Specialists may help a person master a particular job skill and/or help the person with a job task at the job site.

According to information received from the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services, it has been several years since such a large group of applicants have been offered Waivers. Administrative changes made by the State of Indiana such as the transition to annual plans, daily rates and maximization of Federal revenues by transferring eligible individuals off of state line item funding onto Medicaid fund programs were critical tools in securing funding for this effort. It was also noted that the release of these slots was a first step in addressing the needs of individuals waiting for services. More applicants are expected to be contacted before the end of the current Fiscal Year.

If you have received a letter from the State or know someone who has received a letter, please contact Spectrum at 231-8355 or drop by the facility located at 1616 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, IN. Staff are available to share the benefits and services available through Spectrum.

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