Hamilton Center, Inc.’s Licensed Residential Addictions Treatment Facility Celebrates Successful First Year - July 14, 2006

July 14th marked the one year anniversary for Hamilton Center, Inc.’s (HCI) residential treatment facility serving those with addiction related problems. Typically one year anniversaries may not be celebrated as significantly as perhaps a golden anniversary, but in this case there is a lot to celebrate. The facility provides recovery services for males 18 and older, providing 24-hour immersion for successful addiction recovery in a safe, secure, home-like environment. As a licensed residential treatment facility in Indiana, the facility provides intensive mental health and addictions treatment under one roof.

The criteria for admission into the program is to be an adult male, 18 years and older who suffers from addiction and has failed to comply with other treatment programs. The program is a 28-day residential program that provides family group sessions and linkage to: housing, employment, medical, HIV and STD prevention, health, fitness and nutritional education. Upon discharge, the clients are linked with continued treatment services through Hamilton Center’s Outpatient Addictions Program. Case Management is also provided for six months after discharge, and longer if applicable.

Over the past twelve months 164 persons were referred to the program, with eighty-four percent of them graduating. Sixty percent of the referrals have come from within the Hamilton Center continuum of care and the other forty percent from the court system. Thirty-eight percent of the participants had one to two legal charges at the time of admission, and another thirty-four percent had three to four charges. Hamilton Center works diligently to find housing for these clients upon discharge, and approximately sixty-three percent have been referred to Freebirds Solution Center, a sober-free living environment in Terre Haute. “One of our greatest reasons for celebration is that eighty-four percent of those who have graduated from the program have not been re-arrested in the first six months following discharge,” said Dr. Cynthia Sartor, Executive Director of Client Support Services for Hamilton Center.

Hamilton Center, Inc’s regional system offers hope for those struggling with addiction and substance abuse problems by providing services in a variety of locations in central and west central Indiana. More specifically, Hamilton Center, Inc. provides addiction services for those who are facility-based, community-based and home-based; as well as for those who are incarcerated. In addition, treatment options include individual and group therapy, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, group living and inpatient detoxification. “We strive to offer a full- range of services to an individual or entire family,” said Dr. Robe Fazekas, Executive Director of Clinical Services at Hamilton Center, Inc. “Often times it is not only necessary to treat the addicted person, but also those close to him or her. Our mission is to make sure that we have resources and programs available to do that.”

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