Hamilton Center Inc. receives grants to help fight Meth - July 14, 2006

Hamilton Center’s Putnam County office has received two grants from the local Putnam County P.I.E. (prevention, intervention, education) Coalition Against Substance Abuse according to Dr. Bill Nunn, Program Manager for Hamilton Center, Inc. The local P.I.E. organization acts as a community coordinating group for substance abuse efforts. P.I.E. awarded Hamilton Center $600 to help fund drug screens for the METH intensive-outpatient program (IOP) which is directed by Melanie Gibbs, a Hamilton Center therapist.

P.I.E. also awarded Hamilton Center $468 to fund the Family Planning/Interventions program for the Meth IOP program. “Addiction and recovery affect the entire family. Individuals can be strongly supported in recovery when family members understand the disease of addiction and helpful ways to interact with the recovering family member,” said Gibbs. “Family night will bring family members together to learn about the process of addiction and recovery, and to determine in what ways they will support the recovery process,” added Gibbs. Both grants from P.I.E became available as of July 1.

In addition to the P.I.E. grants, Hamilton Center’s Putnam County Office will also benefit through a state funded grant in coordination with Putnam County Community Corrections. This grant will also fund the treatment of the Meth IOP, however, it is designated to serve up to seventeen people serving a home detention sentences. “These grants represent a lot of hard work by Melanie Gibbs, P.I.E. and Putnam County Community Corrections. It shows the kind of community teamwork that we all want to achieve, and has the potential to help Hamilton Center provide important services to a population in need,” said Dr. Nunn.

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