Hamilton Center’s Remodeled Inpatient Unit Enhances Environment and Programming - April 2003

Remodeling is almost complete on Hamilton Center’s inpatient unit located on the second floor of the corporate office building in Terre Haute.

All 16 patient rooms are now single occupancy, providing a more private environment for clients. This change simplifies the admissions process as well, minimizing issues such as client personality and gender differences.

The unit now has enhanced lighting and security features, as well as improvements to the existing dining area and recreational-therapy room. The patient rooms have been fitted with new drapery and bedspreads, and the look of the entire unit has been updated with fresh paint and new flooring.

The addition of a group room provides a place for patients to participate in educational groups that address self-esteem, coping-skills, anger-management, and relapse-prevention issues. A small library/sitting room also was added that allows clients a quiet place to read or talk with visitors.

Programming on the unit has been enhanced with an increase in addiction and group therapy sessions available to clients. Converting space formerly used for storage allowed for additional staff offices and a conference room. The unit has a new program manager who oversees all staffing and therapeutic-recreational activities on the floor, as well as a new director of nursing.

Tours of the facility are available on a limited basis and can be arranged by contacting Martha Woods in public relations at 812-231-8152.

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