HCI and Housing Authority Team Up - February 2002

Hamilton Center (HCI) was approached last fall by the executive director of the Terre Haute Housing Authority, Patrick Barder, concerning the need for HCI services for some residents of city housing.

According to Barder, some residents are isolated and in need of attention while others need a support system that the city cannot provide.

A contract was signed, and the position of community resource officer was created. Carrie Bland was hired on December 10 of last year and works from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Bland will serve 500 to 600 residents that live in Garfield Gardens, Garfield Towers, and Dreiser Square. Bland will network with residents and make referrals for those who are in need of HCI services.

Barder is unaware of this type of arrangement being used anywhere else in the country, and according to Cynthia Sartor, Ph.D., director of Client Support Services, there is great growth potential in this program.

"We feel that this program will deliver a valuable service to many people in our community. We are so please to be working with the Terre Haute Housing Authority, a very supportive partner in this program." Sartor said.

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