Disability Resource available on the Internet - September 2002

Parents, teachers and other providers of children's services now have a convenient, quick way to find disability information for children. Firstnetworkonline.com, an internet based community forum, provides information, resources, links and learning opportunities on a variety of issues related to children with disabilities and other special health care needs.

Funded through a Highlighted grant from United Way of the Wabash Valley, Firstnetworkonline.com is a cooperative effort between Hamilton Center, First Steps for Families, United Cerebral Palsy and Covered Bridge Special Education District. It is a web site targeted at parents of children with disabilities and other special health needs. Bringing together local, state, and national resources with the wealth of information and opportunities available through the Internet, firstnetworkonline.com offers families "one stop shopping" in finding the most up-to-date disability information.

In addition to being a valuable resource for families, firstnetworkonline.com is also an important resource for service providers from the medical, educational and therapeutic industries.

Included on the web site is information for parents, information for teachers, a library, local and national resources, information on using the internet, email groups for parents and other providers, news and events, and much more.

For additional information visit www.firstnetworkonline.com or contact Dawn Carlson, Program Manager, First Steps for Families, Hamilton Center at (812) 231-8342.

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