CAS Develops Pilot Program - January 2002

At the request of community agencies, Child and Adolescent Services has developed a pilot program for adolescent sex offenders.

Under the supervision of Jody Horstman, program manager for CAS Outpatient Services, the pilot began in mid-September. Psychologist James Campbell will be running the program.

The program is open to males 12 to 17 years of age. Other admission criteria include:

The program will provide a comprehensive assessment of the offender, consisting primarily of clinical interviews. The assessment will focus on "treatability" of the adolescent and will not make any judgment regarding guild or innocence of the offender.

The treatment program will consist of two-hour group sessions held twice weekly. Parents will be required to attend the first meeting of each month.

The program is expected to last a minimum of six months and will continue until the client has met all treatment goals. For more information on this program, contact Jody Horstman at 231-8217.

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