Susan Estridge, M.S.


Susan Estridge


  • Indiana State University Masters of Agency Counseling

Susan Estridge, M.S., has been a school-based therapist with Hamilton Center for the past six years, providing individual and group therapy in Clay County elementary and secondary schools. Susan granduated from Indiana State University with a Masters of Agency Counseling degree, with special interest in child therapy. Before coming to Hamilton Center, Susan was the mental health and special services coordinator for C.A.R.S Headstart for five years. In that position, Susan performed functional behavior assessments, collaborating to develop behavior plans for children, as well as providing referrals and helping families to obtain needed services. Previously, Susan worked in special education, providing assessment of student's academic achievement, intellectual abilities and social-emotional-behavioral functioning. Susan works closely with children, families, schools and other community agencies. Susan has special interests in early childhood, neuropsychology, the mental heath of children 0-3, in the mental health effects of physical, developmental and learning disabilities on children and their families, and in collaboration across disciplines of speech/language pathology and occupational therapy. Susan also provides crisis intervention at the Clay County Hamilton Center office, and family therapy for the children she works with. Additional professional interests include the effects of military deployment on families and children, including re-adjustment of active-duty military members with PTSD re-adjusting to family life.