Julia Friend, PsyD, HSPP


Julia Friend, PsyD, HSPP Julia Friend, PsyD, HSPP is presently the program manager for Bloomfield and Linton satellite offices at Hamilton Center, Inc. Julia has experience working in community mental health, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, forensics, and school psychology. She has extensive training in objective and projective psychological assessments, particularly intellectual, personality, learning disabilities, psychological functioning, and differential diagnosis. As a therapist, she utilizes primarily cognitive-behavioral approaches. Her specialties include optimum performance psychology, giftedness, mood disorders, childhood aggression, intervention with victims of sexual assault, specific phobias, sleep disorders, and dissociative disorders. Julia enjoys program development and community outreach; she has designed and implemented several successful large-scale programs for behavior modification, treatment of sexual offenders, and community education about mental illness. Julia is a graduate of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she received a doctorate in clinical psychology with emphasis in community/multicultural and forensic psychology. She graduated with high honors and has received awards for Psychological Excellence and the Young Scholar Travel Award from EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ECNS).