Greg Allen, Certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer/Referral Liasion


Greg Allen, Referral Liasion

An estimated 1 in 4 Americans have a diagnosible mental illness.
You are more likely to encounter a person in an emotional or mental crisis than someone having a heart attack.
Mental health disorders are more common than heart disease and cancer combined.

Hi, my name is Greg Allen and I am a Certified Mental Health First Aid & Crisis Prevention Intervention Trainer.

I am an Armed Services Veteran and Bronze Star receipient who graduated from Morehouse College with military honors.

As an Infantry Platoon Leader, I became thoroughly familiar with the mental, emotional and traumatic situations service members and their families encounter during times of war and peace.

As a mental health professional with over 10 years experience, I know that behavioral/mental health problems require strategic solutions, specific techniques and evidenced based interventions.

I have witnessed how the stigma surrounding mental illness often prevents people from seeking help or even acknowledging that they need help and how untreated mental problems interfere with a person's ability to go to school, maintain employment and have satisfying personal relationship. I am fortunate to be employed at an organization whose motto: BUILDING HOPE AND CHANGING LIVES, sums up my personal commitment towards helping people overcome or learn to cope with their individual struggle.

Please join us in our efforts to COMBAT THE STIGMA and BRING MENTAL HEALTH OUT OF THE DARK by registering for basic training through an 8 hour Mental Health First Aid course offered to the public by Hamilton Center, Inc through a grant from the Oakley Foundation. The Mental Health First Aid course offers easy to follow materials that helps ordinary citizens identify, understand and provide initial help to individuals in crisis or showing signs of a mental illness until professional help is available. Someone you know could be experiencing a mental illness or crisis.You can help them ….TAKE THE COURSE, SAVE A LIFE, STRENGTHEN YOUR COMMUNTY.