2008 Report to the Community



Clients Served

Clay 1,067
Greene 1,002
Hendricks 786
Marion 1,149
Owen 484
Parke 798
Putnam 640
Sullivan 716
Vermillion 557
Vigo 4,578
Other 1,146

Total: 12,923

Units of Service

Outpatient Visits
Inpatient Days
Residential Days
Partical Hospitalization Days
Education/Consultation Hours
Rehabilitation Visits

Client Demographics





2008 Fiscal Year Service Highlights

  • A Health and Wellness Panel was formed to increase awareness and knowledge of health related issues among employees.
  • Hamilton Center staff were fully engaged in disaster response initiatives such as Task Force 7, the Division of Mental Health’s Disaster Response Teams (Districts 5 and 7) and the Wabash Valley Long Term Disaster Recovery Coalition. In addition, psychological first aid was provided to several counties after the summer flood of 2008.
  • The organization participated in the 13th annual Mini Medical School program by providing speakers for two sessions on stress and drug addiction.
  • A new Medical Director was hired, David Hilton, M.D.
  • Spectrum Services was approved by the State to provide Music Therapy Services for persons with disabilities. Spectrum Services’ Employment Solutions was selected as one of five Indiana pilot providers for Project SEARCH, a new high school transition program offered through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. During the two years of the grant, nearly 1,000 students were educated about transition services and 106 students have been assisted in applying for VRS.
  • >The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction approved the Wraparound programs in Vigo, Parke, Vermillion, Clay, Hendricks, and Owen Counties to be access points for the CA-PRTF (Community Alternatives to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities) demonstration grant. This grant provides intensive services to children to assist them in remaining in their homes, schools and communities.
  • The Wraparound program in Vigo County partnered with parents and families and received a “Family Involvement” grant to assist in getting parents and families involved at all levels of the system.
  • An inaugural Wraparound program was started in Greene and Sullivan counties.
  • Hamilton Center’s Bloomfield office staff provided education and training to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department on dealing with individuals with serious mental illnesses.
  • The Bloomfield office participated in the Greene County United Against Meth (GUAM) committee and took part in the “Meth is Death” week vigil.
  • The West Central Indiana First Steps program, which includes 11 counties and is administered by Hamilton Center, successfully met all State standards.
  • Healthy Families, which serves Sullivan, Vermillion and Vigo counties, achieved a four-year accreditation from Healthy Families America.
  • Infant & Toddler Services received a grant from the March of Dimes for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and safe sleep education for new parents.
  • ITS programs partnered with other agencies in the Vigo County Year of the Child Campaign.
  • Hamilton Center received a grant from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation to refurbish the children’s playground in Vigo County.
  • The Early Head Start and Healthy Families programs partnered with West Vigo High School and a local knitter to provide cold weather attire for approximately 90 infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Owen County successfully expanded its addiction program by providing 11 months of continuous treatment to individuals. This expansion is preventing relapse in individuals with long addiction histories.
  • Owen County began an Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for at-risk teens.
  • Hamilton Center’s Owen County office partnered with Juvenile Probation to offer independent living and problem solving skills to teens on probation that are suspended or expelled from school.

Hoosier Assurance Update

The Hoosier Assurance Plan (HAP) is the State of Indiana’s program for funding public behavioral health services. It was effective July 1996 for those with chronic addiction problems; July 1997 for children with serious emotional disturbances; and July 1999 for adults with serious mental illnesses.

We feel the HAP is significantly underfunded to meet the needs of the population. Hamilton Center continues to provide services to people who are “unfunded.” Although our organization is under no obligation to provide services beyond those being reimbursed by the State, our Mission drives us to continue to provide services to those in need in our community as resources are available.

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